Title: What Makes You Beautiful
Artist: The 1975
Album: IV - EP
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One of the absolute best covers of this song that I’ve ever heard. Like, endlessly on repeat. [DOWNLOAD]

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i made a crappy edit of jack as a vampire (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

Happy Halloween Season loves!

if you use, please give credit (reason why my watermark is so freaking BIG)

i’m somewhat proud of this. it looks pretty damn cool if i do say so myself.


my lack of posting makes me want to stab myself. 

i’m currently home from school because i am sick and decided that since i finally have a day to myself, will post a lot today. 

i’m actually really scared because we had a tornado watch and it was really rainy and windy before. it slowed down a bit, but i’m a mess.

credit to the owner of the gif (✿◠‿◠)


p.s.: I went to digitour saturday!!!!! i will post some pictures later and caspar waved to me and so did marcus and i was crying and yeah!!!!


I need your opinion

my upgrade is coming up in July (I know it’s far away, but im thinking ahead of time) and im kinda unsure of what phone to get. I really only have two opinions

the Samsung galaxy s3


the iPhone 5

I have the iPhone 4S now, and honesty, im kinda of tired of iPhones, but I know how to use them and I don’t want a phone I won’t know how to you. my phone keeps freezing and hardly works and i dont think it’ll make it till july. what would you guys do? im open to anything, so could you ya help your girl out?

I’m seriously addicted to teen wolf okay

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i wanted to get this one up before i have to leave.

yes, i know that i’ve been lacking in posting, but i did warn you guys, and i did say i wouldn’t be on much.

but anyway, credit to the owner of the gif (✿◠‿◠)


Anonymous said: Can you start posting? You're absent a whole week then come back to say you'll be back but you don't. You're so inactive all the time how do you even have followers?

can you have patience? I understand I have said I would come back on but you do realize I said I have a life, dance, and friends? this is rude. extremely rude. I will post more when I have time to reach a computer (considering this response is from a cell phone). I’d love to know who this is, so if you don’t mind, send me a message on your account and we can have a little chat.
unbelievable. absolutely ridiculous.
and if I need to explain myself, here you go
Friday my friend had come over, so no time to be on a computer and we went to the movies.
Saturday I had a family dinner, with my friend that stayed over. no time do be on a computer.
Sunday I had a family picnic for Labor Day. no time to be on a computer.
today I was out all day shopping with my friend that came over Friday, and she just left an hour ago.
now im sitting her explaining my life because someone doesn’t have patience. now if you don’t mind, I need to get back to homework so I don’t get kicked out of school.

school before a blog, my friend.

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im really sorry for being absent all week. I should be on tonight when I get home from school.

and thank you all for 81 followers! that’s amazing! thank you, I love you all c:

good morning!

i am literally dreading today. ugh i can’t believe it’s the first day!

it’s currently 6:44 AM on a monday, and i haven’t been up this early in forever.

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hi guys. so i don’t feel like going to school tomorrow.

like where in the actual fuck did summer go

i remember my last day of school like it was today

anywho, enjoy this adorable gif of marcus and yeah

credit to notthekindofgirl for the gif (✿◠‿◠)